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Macintosh According to your web browser, we have noticed you are running on Macintosh.
We have many customers running GenoPro on a Macintosh, however we do not officially support the Macintosh platform.

As a result, we have disabled the page to purchase GenoPro from a Macintosh because too many users were purchasing GenoPro in the hope it will run on their Macintosh. You need to have a PC to purchase GenoPro.

We encourage you to try GenoPro on your computer before purchasing it. If you are successfully running GenoPro on your Mac and wish to purchase it, please contact us and we will provide you a link to purchase our product. There is no cost trying GenoPro.

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Licenses List Price Discount My Price
1-User License$49.00-$49.00 USD
2-User License$98.00$19.00$79.00 USD
3-User License$147.00$28.00$119.00 USD
4-User License$196.00$47.00$149.00 USD
5-User License$245.00$76.00$169.00 USD
10-User License$490.00$201.00$289.00 USD
25-User License$1225.00$626.00$599.00 USD
50-User License$2450.00$1351.00$1099.00 USD
Unlimited Enterprise Site License$1795.00-$1795.00 USD
Unlimited Academic Site License$395.00-$395.00 USD

Select Payment Method (Instant Delivery*)

GenoPro is delivered electronically - no CD is shipped
* GenoPro is delivered electronically to your email.
* We do not ship CDs by mail.

We'd like to help you with your evaluation and share ideas and best practices to help get you started. Please contact us at to arrange an online demo and get help with enterprise pricing related information.

* GenoPro is delivered electronically.  Your purchase receipt includes a permanent registration key with a link to download and upgrade GenoPro at your convenience.  If you wish to have a CD of GenoPro, you are welcome to download GenoPro and burn it on a CD. This will be faster and cheaper than ordering a CD by snail mail.

To maximize customer satisfaction, we maintain a database of emails and registration keys. All you need is remembering your email address in order to recover your purchased registration key.
Before purchasing GenoPro, we encourage you to try it first.  We give everyone the opportunity to request a free 14-day evaluation key where all the features of GenoPro are enabled.

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