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Listing of articles published in our newsletters

  • Princess Diana by Laura M. Benton
    The Role of Gender in the Family of Diana, Princess of Wales
  • Genograms of pope John Paul II by Laura M. Benton
    Understanding the Mysteries of our Genograms: the example of pope John Paul II: Karol Jozef Pilsuzski Wojtyla.
  • Death, Distance and Dynamics in the Bush family by Laura M. Benton
    Information on triangle in an emotional system and a real case example in the Bush family.
  • Genealogy Tips by Niels Martensen
    Avid GenoPro user, to give us some genealogy tips gathered from his personal experience.
  • What is a Genogram
    Benefit of using a genogram, interesting facts about genogram and medical genograms.

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