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Pre-Purchase GenoProX

You get a huge discount by pre-purchasing GenoProX while helping us funding its development.

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We have embarked in a very ambitious endeavour to re-write GenoPro from the ground up. GenoProX will be a multi-platform collaborative family of genealogy & genogram products that will revolutionize the genealogy and health communities and give a whole new meaning to family ties. This will include Mac and iOS versions.

Please visit to learn more about GenoProX and how to support our effort. In the mean time you may run GenoPro on a Mac by installing a multi-boot utility that supports Microsoft Windows.

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The Pre-Purchase of GenoProX is available only to our customers who previously
purchased GenoPro. To qualify as a customer, please enter your registration key.
Registration Key:

Geno-Restarter Package Value Discount My Price
SUPPORTER$54.00$39.00$15.00 USD
SPONSOR GenoProX Family$105.00$80.00$25.00 USD
SPONSOR GenoProX Expert$173.00$128.00$45.00 USD
BRONZE GenoProX Family$289.00$214.00$75.00 USD
BRONZE GenoProX Expert$381.00$281.00$100.00 USD
SILVER GenoProX Family$609.00$459.00$150.00 USD
SILVER GenoProX Expert$753.00$553.00$200.00 USD
GOLD GenoProX Family>$1,210.00$300.00 USD
GOLD GenoProX Expert>$1,470.00$350.00 USD
PLATINUM GenoProX Ultimate Individual$6,000.00$3000.00 USD
GenoProX Enterprise$10,200.00$3000.00 USD

Select Payment Method (Instant Delivery*)

GenoPro 2019 is delivered electronically - no CD is shipped
* GenoPro is delivered electronically.  Your purchase receipt includes a permanent registration key with a link to download and update GenoPro at your convenience. 

To maximize customer satisfaction, we maintain a database of emails and registration keys. All you need is remembering your email address in order to recover your purchased registration key. By visiting, you can request the server to re-send your registration key by email. Using our service to recover a lost registration key is much faster than searching for a purchased CD and/or a CD jewel box.

Before purchasing GenoPro, we encourage you to try it first.  We give everyone the opportunity to request a free 14-day evaluation key where all the features of GenoPro are enabled.

** The full amount of your purchase of GenoPro 2019 will be credited towards GenoProX (when available).

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