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Explore the ties that bind you together.
GenoPro - a family tree solution.

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  • Draw your complete family tree.
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  • View the "big picture" of your family pedigree.
  • Generate and print detailed family reports with pictures in the language you want.
  • Analyze and compile detailed statistics about your ancestry.
  • Import and export your family data with other genealogy software.
  • Include customizable medical symbols.
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 Thanks for creating Genopro, and particularly the latest Beta version. I am a professional genealogist, tutor and historical researcher based in England, and regularly use Genopro to produce explanatory diagrams for clients and students. It truly is in a league of its own among family history softwares. It is particularly brilliant for showing all the other (i.e. non-biological) relationships that exist within and around a family. I regularly use it to show disposition of property in wills; in the early modern period, dwellings were often partitioned between children, and such diagrams are invaluable to help explain events and to produce publication-quality charts. Many thanks. 

Peter Foden, MA, Professional Genealogist
East Leake, England

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