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Family Systems Theory - GenoPro
The family systems theory suggests that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but rather as a part of their family.
Triangles in families - GenoPro
Triangles in Families: the two-person system is an unstable system in the sense that, under stress, it tends to draw in a third to stabilize. Also include the Bush family example
What is a genogram - GenoPro
What is a Genogram? A genogram is a family tree that comes alive; Families are complex systems that interact with other communities and kin groups
Installer selects C:\Program Files\... by default
Default installation fails on some systems
how to merge two separate family trees
Improve Permanent ID
Allow for standardization
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Failed to update the system registry
Failed to update the system registry - Please try using REGEDIT
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(each time it stops at a different place/file)
The Eleven Essential Features of Sound Genealogy Software - GenoPro
Essential Features to consider when purchasing a Genealogy Software
Genogram: Assessment and Intervention - GenoPro
Genograms: Assessment and Intervention by Monica McGoldrick is an excellent resource to understand the Genogram
[GenoPro Newsletter, May 2007] Submit your Genealogy Links
Family relationships - GenoPro
The family relationship is used to describe the union of two individuals.
[GenoPro Newsletter, June 2007] Understanding Triangles in Families
Genogram Templates - GenoPro
A genogram template is a family picture where you only have to fill the blank
Installing GenoPro on Linux using Wine - GenoPro Help
Step by step instruction how to install GenoPro on Linux using Wine.
GenoPro Installation Command Line Parameters - GenoPro Help
Command Line Parameters to mass deploy GenoPro.
How to create a medical genogram - GenoPro
Create a custom medical genogram with colored symbols.
[GenoPro Newsletter, Feb 2007] Genealogy Video Tutorials for Firstname
Emotional Relationships - GenoPro
Emotional relationship component is used to describe the emotional bond between any two individuals
Installing GenoPro - GenoPro Help
Step-by-step instructions to Install GenoPro. A few mouse clicks and GenoPro is installed.
Academic Genogram Software - GenoPro
GenoPro offer an Academic Program for all colleges and universities. Professor can apply to get a 180 days license for all of their students.
How do I buy GenoPro? - GenoPro Help
Visit the purchase page, fill out the form with your credit card number or paypal account, and you will instantly receive a registration key.
Can GenoPro be installed on Linux? - GenoPro Help
Yes, GenoPro can run on Linux using the free 3rd party software Wine.
GenoPro: A practical solution for Students - GenoPro
GenoPro offers a solution for students who need an easy-to-use software for their unique school project.

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