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Unusual famiy system display
siblings as parents
Family Systems Theory - GenoPro
The family systems theory suggests that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but rather as a part of their family.
Triangles in families - GenoPro
Triangles in Families: the two-person system is an unstable system in the sense that, under stress, it tends to draw in a third to stabilize. Also include the Bush family example
What is a genogram - GenoPro
What is a Genogram? A genogram is a family tree that comes alive; Families are complex systems that interact with other communities and kin groups
Please Help!
Crashes My Whole System
Installer selects C:\Program Files\... by default
Default installation fails on some systems
Multiple error messages when viewing tree on web
When opening tree after publishing to GenoPro site, there are 20 or more error messages
Improve Permanent ID
Allow for standardization
The Eleven Essential Features of Sound Genealogy Software - GenoPro
Essential Features to consider when purchasing a Genealogy Software
External Hyperlink
In the html pages the External Hyperlink always becomes