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Explore the ties that bind you together.
GenoPro - a family tree solution.

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New features of GenoPro 2016
  • Problem Spotter helping you to find 23 types of potential errors in your family tree.
  • Picture Mode turning a family tree into a picture tree.
  • Contextual Toolbar displaying common tools to add parents, spouses and children to a selected individual or family.
  • Many improved templates to generate reports in HTML with picture albums, timelines, birthday calendars, interactive SVG and to generate PDFs of your family tree.
  • Draw your complete family tree.
    Add pictures to create a picture album.
  • View the "big picture" of your family pedigree.
  • Generate and print detailed family reports with pictures in the language you want.
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 The Schizophrenia Research Center had a great need for a program that would create family pedigrees. After trying countless programs and spending an enormous amount of time on this quest, I was fortunate to try Genopro. This application has turned out to be a true blessing. I have become so dependent on this piece of software that I wouldn't think of doing a pedigree without it. The University of Penn. works in conjunction with many other research institutions across the U.S. When/if the opportunity presents itself to recommend a pedigree program, I can assure you that GenoPro comes first to mind. Thanks for a great product!

Robert T. Witalec, Research Coodinator
University of Pennsylvania Neuropsychiatry Dept
Philadelphia, USA

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